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Cannon Oil and Gas Well Service Inc. is committed to health, safety and the environment. With this commitment we require that all employees perform with high standards to protect themselves, their co-workers, and the environment for the future. Safety demands cooperation on everyone’s part. It is important that communication be kept open at all times between the management and all employees.

All employees are to know the safety standards of Cannon Oil and Gas Well Service Inc. as well as the safety standards of whom we are working for and follow them. Supervisors must have a positive attitude and safety awareness. They must mentor their crews through personal contact, training, and regular safety stand downs. It is the duty of all employees to perform their work with maximum regard for safety and the environment. Our safety policies are based on past experience and current industry standards. They are an integral part of the this companies success. This means that compliance with the policies is a condition of employment and must be taken seriously. Failure to comply with these policies is sufficient grounds for disciplinary action, and/or for termination of employment.

HS&E are a top priority in this company and to me. They are just as important as productivity and quality, in fact they go hand in hand. The best reason for you to observe and follow these policies is in your own self-interest to do so. Following them will help you stay safe, healthy, and protect the environment which will make it so you will be able to work, spend time with your family, and enjoy life to its fullest.

It is my desire and the goal of Cannon Oil and Gas Well Service Inc. to provide a safe and productive working environment for all of our employees. I do realize that risks can, and do exist on the job, but I also know that accidents and injuries are 100% preventable. Through the use of the many safety programs we have and using them daily every employee of Cannon Oil and Gas Well Service Inc. has a personal responsibility for their own safety along with the safety of others. With this being the top priority of all employees, accidents will be prevented. My goal is zero accidents and to be incident and accident free at Cannon Oil and Gas Well Service Inc. and in doing so it will help us protect the people and environment for generations to come.

Robert D Cannon